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The Rounders’ new centerfielder has wheels. The problem is he doesn’t have brakes to go with them. It would be a bad combination even in the best of times. With Rambletown Field frozen solid by series of freakish spring snow storms, it’s downright scary.

Orlando Ramirez makes one spectacular grab after another at practice… and finishes every play by barreling across the tundra into the outfield wall. His grip on the ball may be vise-like, but after so many high-speed collisions, his grasp on reality is becoming a concern. The kid’s looking shakier than an ice-cream frappe.

And so are the home team’s chances of winning its season opening showdown with with the Hog City Haymakers. Unless the Rounders can help their fearless centerfielder find his footing, victory is going to slip right away with him.