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“A hilarious tall tale of baseball action and high jinks that will have fans reveling in every trip around the pages.”

Slumpbuster finds the Rounders locked in a tight pennant race with their archrivals, the big, mean Hog City Haymakers. Things are looking pretty good until Walloper falls into a terrible hitting slump. But why take my word for it when he can tell you himself?

They call me Walloper because I like to knock the tar out of the ball. At least that used to be the case. Now I couldn’t hit a beach ball and my batting average is going down faster than the Titanic. With the pennant on the line, I’ve got a cloud over my head so big it’s being covered by the Weather Channel. The forecast is grim, but I hope there’s one big swing left in my bat so the Rambletown Rounders can win the pennant and I can end this historic drought.